Monday, May 20, 2013

Muppet Miner Positioning and Updates

It's been a month--so I decided to put up some numbers I'm watching.  I've not been trading actively during that month, but contemplating how to trade more methodically.  To that end, I've made myself a spreadsheet with the miners I'm watching, most of which I've traded in the past or still hold.  Currently, I have small positions still in TK, SWD, and SLW.   I will be posting the sheet from time to time--most likely on days when I adjust a price target or buy/sell. 

I'm still nervous about miners because of bullishness I'm reading on the message boards.  However, I will start to reenter in the near future--the above are first tranche prices only.

The Gold:HUI ratio is starting to look better, at least based on the MACD and the declining oversold RSI.


On the other hand, the Dow:Gold ratio still looks to have momentum, despite it uber-stretched position over virtually all of its weekly moving-average indicators.  I took profits on my limited involvement in stocks back in February, so if I had some more, I would definitely be well into trimming now.  This ratio is ridiculous, if not historically so...

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