Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Selling and Buying

Today I sold my First Majestic (FR.TO), a 7% stake of my portfolio, which takes my total First Majestic down to zero.  I'll buy more at next cycle low, but I might split the allocation with Endeavor, since it outperformed.  I was a little worried about FR because it was both rejected by the 10dma and failed to move up through volume price support; it could go down to $13.50s, which about where I originally bought it ($13.65) back on 8/12. 

I also bought a little more Tinka toward the close today.  Sort of silly to see this breakdown, but as this is one I want to own long term, I didn't hesitate to add as it broke down below it's old lower bound of .68 to .65.  This was a sell the news-type fluctuation, I think, as Tinka just posted news today, reflecting more silver-laden drill results.  Go figure:)  Tinka Drill Results--NEWS

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