Monday, January 20, 2014

Muppet Picks Update

Here's an update of the Muppet Picks that I bought last May.  Tinka is the biggest disappointment--but at the time, it was the junior that had made me the most money, it was a winner all of 2012 for me.  It still makes up a decent chunk of my core, and I haven't trimmed since the smack-down last April.  Recent additions, that I won't be tracking (just because I haven't decided if they're trades or "core" yet) include Golden Minerals (AUMN), Quest Rare Minerals (QRM), First Majestic, US version (AG), and Sandstorm Gold (SAND). AUMN and SAND have been impressive.  Wished I had bought EXK, but it was weak early (just a lagger, it turned out), so I missed out.  I also have some GDXJ, which is just a momentum trade.  I also have to point out, that although I bought SWD.TO at $0.31, I still have some that I bought back at $1.12.  I wish I had sold--seems like the company is not much more than a shell now, although the website still looks good, and they had good drill results as recently as September--no real reason to sell now. 

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