Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tinka, SilverCrest, Silvercorp

I guessed that Tinka (TK.V) would have a narrow range day Friday, this just because it was going into a weekend and because it had come off the 70s on the RSI 7.  However, it showed good strength over the course of the day, opening flat at $1.16 and coming on strong at the end of the day to close at $1.23.  From the open, this represents a nice 6% gain. 

The slow STO is still imbedded, but has crossed over; MACD is headed the same way.  Because of the delay pattern, I guess that Monday will be the narrow range day that I guessed Friday would be:  GDX, GDXJ, SVM (see below) and others all showed hirami.  I guess in candlestick land, that's still ultimately bullish, but the fact that silver continues to eat crow and the fact that the metals are getting ripe for a move down into the DCL means that wait and see is the best policy here.  I didn't trade anything Friday.

Silvercorp (SVM) showed that it's not ready to break through the overhead resistance, and basically conformed to miners at large showing a hirami and running out of steam.
If the hirami turns out to be be bullish, i.e., if the upper BB and 50dma can be penetrated, then I would be interested in taking a small test tranche at the next DCL (which would presumably be a backtest of the breakout above resistance).

SilverCrest (SVLC), like Tinka, had a strong day Friday despite a gimp day for other miners.  This is a company I really want to be invested in, but I don't see a tradeable pattern like Tinka has been showing.  Ultimately, I see it as being similar to Alexco and Mandalay in that it's possible to identify the ranges of the cycles, and try to buy near the bottom.

For SilverCrest, I think that range will be around $2.20.  I'd like to buy there.  I told myself I would buy below $2.15 a few weeks ago, but I didn't pull the trigger when it got there.  Tinka was ripe, and I told myself to go with my gut.  It sucks right now because I have very little dry powder, still trapped in horrible NUGT and GDX/GDXJ trades that I decided to take last November.  Had I been better disciplined, and accepted the smaller losses in December, I would have been in a position to try these trades.  But Muppets are stubborn, and I have convinced myself that I will be selling my NUGT shares at $30 for some time now:)   My guess is that SVLC will move down Monday about the same amount it moved up on Friday, back to around the $2.50-2.53 level.  Like Tinka, the 70 on the RSI 7 has been signaling tops for a while. 

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