Thursday, April 4, 2013

Alexco, Tinka, and Sunward Updates

Today, I used proceeds for yesterday's humiliating NUGT liquidation to bid Tinka at $1.04 and buy back Alexco at $2.62, but it was again a small opening tranche position.  Unfortunately, only one-quarter of the Tinka bid was filled.  Although I never bought any more Sunward (SWD), it was up 22% today.  Nice to see some green.

I'm really starting to get intrigued by Alexco.  I see it as a more credible Silvercorp, in the sense that it is one of a handful of primary silver producers in the world, and someone is shorting or selling the crap out of it despite results.  Someone doesn't want it "looking good."  That's the tinfoil hat talking, I know, but I can't help to wonder what non-news would drive the price down in spite of good results.

Update 4/5/13:  Put a stop on AXU after the close at the days low of $2.56.

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