Monday, April 1, 2013

The April Fool: Mining Muppet

Well, I blew it today--the April Fools joke is on me.  My plan after the third tranche was to hold UNLESS THERE WAS A BB CRASH using Ira E's 18, 1.9 BB setting.  We got it today.  I noticed right before class started, and figured I'd take the trade at break.  When I noticed, price of TK.V was down to $1.08; it would go as low as $1.07.  However, 90 minutes later, it's up for the day!  Back to $1.15.

Granted, I was only going to take another 3.5%.  But still, to get that reversal, had I followed my plan and struck while the iron was hot, it would have been a nice 6.5% gain in just one trading day.  Oh well, lesson learned.  You snooze, you lose, Muppet.  However, since miners were generally down today, I'll put in a bid at the open for what I lost out on today, 3.5% at $1.08.  I doubt I'll get it, but no harm in trying to rectify my error.

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