Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Failure, Disappointment--Lessons Learned

Guess what?  I was 20/20 trading Tinka last year.  This year so far, I'm 11/14.  It's easy when you just have to BTFD.  However, all that profit was equalized today as I closed a NUGT position I entered around $12 for a 64% loss.  It sucks.  Tinka is a stock I didn't "follow" anyone into trade-wise.  The NUGT position was the Muppet in me listening to others that thought it was perfect for making money.  Of course, those same others said to set stops, take a smaller position, etc., but I heard what I wanted to, breaking my rule of no leverage, and breaking my rule of not following the crowd.  Muppet indeed....

Tinka is at $1.12 today.  My average position entry is at $1.14, so hopefully I can get back on track once this DCL is in. 


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